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May 19, 2018
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May 30, 2018

Few key notes regarding assured returns in real estate market

Assured Returns

A popular concept in real estate is assured returns, which stand for getting back an agreed rate of return after investing for a particular time period. It also involves Capital appreciation, which refers to the rise in the value of assets which is based upon a rise in the market price

Benefits of investing in assured return scheme

An Investment which assures the client of definite returns is the one which seems attractive to all the customers. It is one of the safest and an investment which has the least risk involved in it. These returns are offered by the developers to the investors who wish to invest their money into the project of construction. The Majority of the time, these are commercial projects like Business or IT related Parks and Malls, Shopping Complexes or Studio, Service Apartments. This concept is being expanded even to the residential areas as well. Assured Return Projects Gurgaon can be explored to get more benefits out of the scheme.

Who should invest in such schemes?

This concept proves to be advantageous for the ones who have money for investing and are on an outlook for a regular and monthly income. Developers specifically target the young investors by the consistent income, and some senior citizens who have less knowledge are also lured by the developers for the same. Assured Return Scheme provides financial security to older people by providing them continuous and regular monthly income. NRIs, older citizens and the ones who have a keen interest in investing in the commercial property are covered in this scheme. Investment in Gurgaon can be a good option for a person to get good returns.

How does one get benefit from this scheme?

Renting a space instead of buying it is the most trending activity in the commercial sector. This assures the buyer of less risk and less concern about the maintenance of the same. So either way, it is a beneficial situation for the developers and property builders.

This scheme gives the investors fixed income which they would get each month.

The ones who invest in assured return scheme property, have the double advantage of expanding their investment and also getting returns at the same time.

When the rental income grows along with the increase in the capital value of the asset, even in such cases the returns are higher.

The amount of investment involved in such cases is very less when compared to investing in other properties. Property in Gurgaon is a good venture to invest in for fetching high rate of return.

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