Do You want to Invest in an Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon?


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April 23, 2018
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Do You want to Invest in an Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon?

These days, Gurgaon has become one of the rapidly expanding cities and an attractive destination for investing in assured return projects. This is the reason why investing in a commercial property with assurance at these places have proven their superiority. Those who invest in the assured returns projects can double the benefits of their investment and at the same time, they get returns from their assured return projects.

Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon

Assured Return Project, Newtown Square is the best for investment. Any assured return project of a good developer will give you at least assured returns from 9% to 12% of the liability. So you get around 30% – 40% of your invested amount when the building is ready and the appreciation of the capital also increases. The first lease of the most prestigious builders is guaranteed, and a good company’s lease is minimum 9 years, then you get a 9-year rental assurance with the locking period of the first 3 years.

This rental is the percentages of the price of the property/investment made by the client and gets decided before the booking time. The existing style is to provide properties on 12% assured paybacks. Some builder provides a bank guarantee, which protects the investment.

Assured Return Projects Gurgaon is usually restricted to commercial properties only & hardly offered in residential properties. Therefore, an investor, in addition to creating assets as a property, also receives a fixed return on investment, thereby increasing its profits and earnings.

In these indefinite times, where the real estate market is slow-moving and the increase rate is low, assured investment returns are the best and most secure real estate deal. Any person investing in Gurgaon Real Estate Market should consider this as an option. Investment in Newtown square has several advantages.  Let see some of the advantageous of investing in Assured Return Projects Gurgaon.

  • Fixed monthly income to cover other expenses
  • Income generation asset from the first day of investment
  • Recover 40-60% of your investment through monthly returns
  • Make a property along with earning fixed monthly income
  • Return on investment does not dependent on external market conditions.
  • Regular income with an appreciation of property capital.

Assured return investment is a perfect approach to capitalize on real estate.

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