KPDK Buildtech Collaborates with the Interior Architecture Students of the Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD)


KPDK Buildtech Collaborates with the Interior Architecture Students of Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD)

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June 6, 2017
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KPDK Buildtech Collaborates with the Interior Architecture Students of Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD)

KPDK Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. did an interesting collaboration with the Interior Architecture & Design Department Students of the Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) under the guidance of Ms. Archana Gupta.

Indian Institute of Art & Design Students

Interior Architecture Department Students of Indian Institute of Art & Design

The students were introduced to the site and demonstrated examples of good construction practices – they were made aware of volumetric of space and the “grid” in retail design.

The Students of IIAD at Newtown Square Gurgaon Site.

These students were then asked to think of the potential opportunity to design a retail space in the upcoming project Newtown Square located at Sector 95A Gurgaon.  They conducted a site visit to Newtown Square to understand and evaluate the location, physical planning of spaces and market dynamics of the surrounding areas of New Gurgaon.

They identified potential brands and studied on space requirements and the target audience. Accordingly they identified spaces in the ground floor plan of the mall – different modules created by playing with the grid were identified to create stores ranging from 500 sq.ft. to 1200sq.ft.

The students then designed some innovative store ideas and layouts – with careful consideration given to display systems, hanging arrangements, materials , modules, fixing arrangements and also branding and styling.

Design by Students

Ms. Archana Gupta (VP- Architecture, KPDK Buildtech) has a vast experience in Retail Design & planning. She  was constantly present to guide and focus the students on the necessary aspects to be considered. As per her, “Many times, there are limitations in spaces available for a premium retail brand, either too small or too large. However, Newtown Square has presented an excellent opportunity as it consists of multiple sizes of shop modules and a retail brand can be planned depending upon the most optimum size necessary to maximize potential revenues for a Brand”.

Signage & Display was also taken into consideration from the visual impact, to the fixing details, with a thought to elements like feature walls which can become the highlight and talking points of some spaces.

Technical aspects of  Lighting, Air conditioning services , Fire fighting and in certain cases Plumbing were also given due consideration.

Varied stores for shoes, sportswear, electronics, apparel and other such popular typologies were designed and executed at models of a 1:10 scale. Prototypes at 1:1 of furniture were also developed.

Mr. Nishant Gupta from KPDK Buildtech, part of the visitor jury said “Some of the concepts presented were extremely impressive and could pretty much be taken up for actual execution. The thought process of brand selection, concept development and detailed planning as displayed by the students was very forward thinking and progressive. It also is extremely satisfying, that the shop spaces at Newtown Square has so much potential, for all type of brand requirements…whether it is a 250 Sq.Ft. kiosk or a 2000 Sq.Ft. luxury brand, there are ideal locations for all”.

Newtown Square Design

KPDK Buildtech is looking forward to more design exercises with a view to promote functional based planning and design. More details and information is available at


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