The process of building a commercial real estate property


The process of building a commercial real estate property

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The process of building a commercial real estate property

Indian real estate took nearly nine-plus years to get back on track after 2008 Indian real estate market crash. With RERA making the market much safer for investment, 2018 could be a good year to develop a commercial property in the major cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Out of this lot, Gurgaon is witnessing a remarkable boost in the commercial domain as new commercial projects in Gurgaon are developing on a very swift pace. So, Let’s break down the process for building or developing commercial property.


 Location is considered as the important factor while developing a commercial property as the commercial properties, unlike residential, yield returns through capital appreciation and rent. These two factors are directly related to the  location.

Type of property

There are two prominent categories available in a commercial segment, which includes Retail and office spaces. So, before building commercial properties, decide upon which typology to cater to. Apart from these, developing a commercial in malls or high street outlet can also be another affordable option.


Developing a commercial asset can be a very complex process and requires an expert professional with ample experience in real estate market.  These professionals may include, but not limited to, a commercial real estate lawyer, an accountant, mortgage broker and commercial realtor.


The building with better quality of the commercial facility is always the best option while building the commercial property. The main feature to look for is the certifications such as LEED gold or platinum. GRIHA Star Rating, etc.


The fact that diversification reduces risk is true in the case of commercial property. The term means investing money in the different projects rather investing everything in one as investment in multiple properties reduce the risk.

The above points are the mere tip of the iceberg when related to developing a commercial property but they are some important points to consider. With vast range, there are different Commercial Properties for Sale in Gurgaon, which can become a good option in the process of developing commercial properties.

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